Sharing Inspections in Property Inspection BOSS

PIM Premium customers can now share inspections amongst your team.

To take advantage of these new features, we require ALL iPads to be running Property Inspection BOSS v1.3.0 and iOS 8 or later and have a strong WIFI connection. Follow this helpful guide if you are not running the latest.

Why Use Share Inspections?

  • Sharing Inspections in Property Inspection BOSS is ideal for larger offices where you may need to share bulk or individual Inspections. For instance if one of your fellow Property Managers is sick and can't perform their Inspection today, they can share their Inspection with the office and it can be downloaded on another device. Please note that at this stage only the sharing of Inspection Details and Notes is supported, and not the sharing of photos.

STEP 1: Share your Inspections (both iPads must be running the same version of Property Inspection BOSS)

  • If you want to share a single Inspection with other property managers in the office simply select the Inspection you want to share. Then in the top right hand corner of the screen, tap the Share Inspection button available through the Action button (see screenshot below).

  • If you want to batch share multiple Inspections with other property managers, you can either Share All  or manually select the required properties by tapping Inspections > Edit > 

  • To Share All the Inspections on your iPad,  tap Share All then Confirm.


  •  If you want to manually select the Inspections to share then just tap the required properties, you will see a tick next to the property address (see screenshot below) then tap Share > then Confirm.

  • Once your option is Confirmed it will store your Inspection/s in your office's account and That's it!. Your Property Inspection BOSS Inspection is now available to be downloaded onto other iPads in your office. 

STEP 2: Downloading Shared Inspections on other iPads

  • Select Share at the bottom of your Property Inspection BOSS screen
  • Click the Refresh button () in the bottom left corner) and click Ok to starting downloading the shared Inspections.
  • A list of Inspections will now be displayed, grouped by the device and original property manager of the Inspection.
  • Select the Inspection File you would like to download to this device which may contain 1 or more Inspections.
  • Once the file is processed it should automatically display and show the Inspections available on the right hand side. For each Inspection it will list the number of Inspection Areas including Bedrooms/Bathrooms/Garages.
  • In the top right corner, select the Action button () and then either select Import Selected Inspections or Import All Inspections. This will begin creating the new inspections in Property Inspection BOSS. Wait a few moments and when finished all your inspections (with history) will now be available in the Inspections tab area.
  • That's it. Remember that each time you perform import a shared Inspection it will create a new Inspection on your iPad (and not merge into an existing Inspection).

    Any problems or questions please contact Property Inspection BOSS Support..