If you have deleted an Inspection Area or Sub Inspection Area from your Settings > Property Inspection BOSS Admin > Inspection Areas and it's linked to an area you have previously populated during an Inspection, you will see no heading or title for it.  When you preview the Inspection it will show up as Untitled.  You could also experience problems previewing your Inspection.

To correct the error you need to recreate the Area and then re-link the Inspection Area to an Area within the Property Inspection BOSS Admin Settings.

Example of an Inspection with Inspection Area Heading:

If you were to delete an area from the Settings > Property Inspection BOSS Admin > Inspection Areas, then you will see this prompt which tells you how many Inspections will be affected:

If you navigate back to your Inspection you will see the missing heading as shown here:

Your Inspection preview would appear as below:

To correct this problem, all you need to do is go back into your Inspection, then go to:

Settings > Property Inspection BOSS Admin > Inspection Areas, tap the + (top RHS) and add your Inspection Area back into the list, click Done:

Once again, go back to your Inspection, tap on the Inspection Area that has no heading, then tap Area

Then select from the list of Inspection Areas, and Property Inspection BOSS will re-link the area to your report.

Finally, try previewing your Inspection again to generate the corrected report