• For new Inspection details, if you are the only Inspector setup in Property Inspection BOSS, then your name should already be pre-populated in the Inspection data entry screens. When Property Inspection BOSS detects multiple Inspectors, it uses the first Inspector listed, in Settings, as the default for new Inspections. Reorder (Use Edit button and rearrange) the list of Inspectors in Settings -> Property Inspection BOSS Admin -> Inspectors to suit.
  • In Settings -> Property Inspection BOSS Admin -> Company Settings, if you select which State you are located in then this will also be pre-populated in the Inspection data entry screens.
  • A new setting Inspection Type is now available via Settings > Property Inspection BOSS Admin. Defaults to Property Inspection Report. This is used for new Inspections for the Inspection Type.

Hopefully with these new new default settings available, it will save even more time setting up your inspections