With the newer iPads there is a simple and new way of entering your Inspection Notes!! (Note: Requires a valid internet connection

Step 1: On your new iPad go to Settings, choose General section, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on Keyboard

Step 2: At the bottom, switch option Dictation from OFF to ON

Step 3: Next time, if you are connected either via WIFI or 3G, whenever a keyboard shows up on your new iPad you will have the option to dictate what you are typing. Simply tap on the microphone key and say what you want to type, i.e. Floors are very clean and no marks.

Step 4: Once you are finished tap on the same microphone icon again and your words will be converted into text on your iPad screen

Step 5: If your iPad is not 100% sure about certain words you said it will underline those words with a blue dotted line. When you tap on that word a small balloon window will show up with alternative suggestions.

It's that easy!

Check if your iPad is compatibile with SIRI on Apple's Support site