You have a few options to transfer Property Inspection BOSS from one iPad to another (iPad A to iPad B)

If both iPads are setup with the one iCloud account then you can easily just backup your iPad on your first device and then restore the contents to the new device using that same iCloud/Apple Id. This will backup all apps and data (including Property Inspection BOSS) and then allow you to restore everything onto the new device. Further instructions can be found here - iCloud Backup/Restore.

If you don’t want to use the same iCloud account, or you don't require a full backup and restore from iPad A to iPad B, and you are a Property Inspection BOSS Premium user, an option is to backup your Property Inspection BOSS Settings and then selectively backup/share your Inspections (which will exclude photos)from your existing iPad and then perform a fresh install of Property Inspection BOSS on the new iPad using your existing Property Inspection BOSS login details. If you need access to your old reports and photos from iPad A for local storage on your PC or server, you can do so by extracting them from iTunes using this guide - Extract Reports/Photo via iTunes.

Our Sharing Settings Guide can be found here - Sharing Settings

Our Inspection Sharing Guide can be found here - Sharing Inspections