Copying text is as easy as double tapping a word. But when you want to copy a whole paragraph, like for an inspection area text, you have to stretch those annoying little blue knobs...or do you?

Tap any editable text four times. You'll highlight the whole paragraph and select Copy. Then for each subsequent inspection area you'd like to reuse that same text just Paste the text as normal.

If you find you are using specific sentences or phrases over and over again then setting up Shorthand Words will make Inspecting in Property Inspection BOSS even easier. Shorthand Words can also be assigned to specific Inspection Areas providing greater context. 

For a quick and easy way to add new Shorthand Words, simply highlight any text and a popup should appear. Tap on 'Save To My Shorthand Words'  (See screenshot below) and then enter a brief abbreviation. You will then be able to reuse that text by entering the abbreviation and tapping space which auto populates the full shorthand phrase in your notes or simply tap the Blue cross on the right hand side of the Notes area to display the full list of shorthand words available.