To identify which apps are taking up the most space simply goto  Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage.

If Property Inspection BOSS is taking up too much space then in a recent version of Property Inspection BOSS (v1.3.0) we have made some improvements in the way photos are stored. Property Inspection BOSS now stores them at a more acceptable resolution without taking up too much space on the iPad. 

We have also included the ability for all existing photos to be upgraded to the correct and more optimal resolution. If you goto Settings > Advanced and tap on Optimize Photos, this will retrospectively optimize the photos and resize them accordingly.  See screenshots below to help you find this function.




Note that this may take a while (depending on the number of photos affected) and it’s probably worthwhile to ensure the Property Inspection BOSS app has been backed up recently. Whilst it is performing the upgrade it is also worthwhile changing the iPad screensaver so the Property Inspection BOSS screen remains active and the iPad doesn’t switch into sleep mode. Once you perform that action you will notice the size of Property Inspection BOSS on your iPad will drop dramatically and this can be checked under Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. If the iPad's free space is still too low it might be worth investigating other apps if they are taking up too much space and free space accordingly in those apps. 

If you are not running v1.3.0 the latest Property Inspection BOSS can be downloaded here  Download  Property Inspection BOSS  (provided you are reading this mail on an iPad) or use the App Store app (on the iPad itself) and click on updates to download the latest Property Inspection BOSS

Also please ensure you are backing up to the iCloud (using a Work and not Personal account) so your iPad Data (including Property Inspection BOSS and you inspection data) is safe. Please follow our useful guide to find out more - Setting up Apple ID and iCloud on your iPad