Please note that functionality relating to downloading oversized reports through your online account is only available in Property Inspection BOSS v1.3.0+

In some cases your inspections may contain a lot of photos and when emailing this may cause a few issues since emails and their attachments are restricted to no more than 10MB in size (in most cases). That restriction is not just for Property Inspection BOSS but for any emails whether in the office or home. Luckily within Property Inspection BOSS there are a few options to overcome this and still allow you to receive your customised Inspections Reports with all your data and photos :

1. Tap on the Document folder (at the top of the Inspection Screen) 

2. This lists all your generated reports for the Inspection. An example is shown below :

3. You can DOUBLE TAP on any of the entries to view more options you have available. If you have performed a PREVIEW INSPECTION, then you will be presented with the just the options of Viewing or Emailing the PDF report. If you have performed a SUBMIT INSPECTION you will be presented with quite a few more options as shown below :


An explanation of each of the menu options above are listed below


Menu Option


View PDF 

View the PDF in Property Inspection BOSS on your iPad

Email PDF

Emails the PDF from your iPad to any email address. Note this requires email to be configured on your iPad. Unsure if Mail has been setup ? Find out more

Email MS Word

Since Property Inspection BOSS now stores the PDF and MS Word version of the generated Inspection Report on your device, you can easily email the MS Word version directly from Property Inspection BOSSUnsure if Mail has been setup ? Find out more

Email PDF & MS Word Email PDF and MS Word versions of your reports from your iPad to any email address. Note this requires email to be configured on your iPad. Unsure if Mail has been setup ? Find out more
Access Online

Now you can download those BIG reports directly to your desktop or PC from the Property Inspection BOSS Online Account Dashboard – no more messing around: simple, fast and user friendly. Simply log into your Property Inspection BOSS account via, click 'Reports' (to see the listings of all your reports) and download your Inspection report.

Access via iTunes All your reports (and photos) can also be easily retrieved via iTunes in those instances where one of the above might not work or if you are have issues emailing larger reports containing lots of photos. Follow these iTunes Instructions for easy access.