Property Management Software Support - REST Instructions

Great news! Data sharing between REST and Property Inspection BOSS has been significantly improved from Property Inspection BOSS v1.3.0 onwards. If you are not using the latest Property Inspection BOSS contact support to upgrade. Property Inspection BOSS Premium users with REST can now import updates to existing properties such as tenant changes, revised rental amounts and other details, where applicable. If you are running REST v14 please refer to the new instructions below Step 1 (b) (You can find out your version of REST by opening the Help menu and select About menu option and it will show your REST version number in the popup window. If you are running REST v13 and below please refer to Steps 1 (a).

Importing from REST involves (1) Exporting the properties from the REST Professional PC Software, (2) Uploading the files to our secure and confidential website using your Property Inspection BOSS Premium login credentials, and finally (3) Downloading those Import files onto the iPad and Property Inspection BOSS app.


STEPS 1 (a) - If you are using REST Professional (v8.* - v13.*)

  • Select Menu Others -> Print Letters or Export Data and you should be presented with a screen similar to below.

  • In the Selection section/box, select All and Active (or if needed just one property using the Alpha index/code). Please ensure Merge With is set to TenantType of Letter is set to GeneralContact is set to PrimaryManager is All and Property Type is set to All.

  • In the Output section/box (near to the bottom) select File (on the left) and then Browse and select the directory of where you would like to save the new file  (e.g. Desktop)  and the enter the File Name and then click Open.  Also check Mail Merge is selected and not any other options.
    Important: Ensure the filename contains the extension .CSV or this process won't work.. There is no need to select a File Type from the Drop down in the File dialog screen. 
    • Handy Hint - If you are in a large office and you are exporting an individual property manager's inspections you may like to prefix the property file with an initial, i.e. PG-Property Inspection BOSS Inspections Import.csv, and/or when the export was performed i.e PG-Property Inspection BOSS Inspections Import-11062015.csv which shows the file was exported on 11th June 2015. This may help when you need to perform subsequent exports and also distinguish your import files for the following steps. 

  • Now press Start and then that will generate the file.
  • Proceed to Step 2.

STEPS 1 (b) - If you are using REST Professional (v14.* +)

  • In REST, select the Others > Export Data menu.

  • In the Output File Name section/box (near to the bottom) select Browse and select the directory of where you would like to save the new file (e.g. Desktop) and then enter the File Name (e.g. PG-Property Inspection BOSS Inspections Import-11062015.xls) and then click Open.
    • Handy Hint - If you are in a large office and you are exporting an individual property manager's inspections you may like to prefix the property file with an initial and/or when the export was performed e.g. PG-Property Inspection BOSS Inspections Import-11062015.xls which shows the file was exported on 11th June 2015. This may help when you need to perform subsequent exports and also distinguish your import files for the following steps. 

  • Now press Start and a new .xls file will be generated.

  • Proceed to Step 2.

STEP 2 - Visit the Property Inspection BOSS Online Accounts Module (to upload your property file into your Property Inspection BOSS Premium account)

  • Click this link to visit your online Property Inspection BOSS Premium account and enter your login credentials from signup and then click Log in. See the screenshot below.

  • Select the Import Files (1) tab and then click the Product/Version (2) drop down and select either REST v8.* - v13.*  or REST v14 (depending on the version of REST being used in your office) . See an example screenshot below.

  • Select Browse or Choose File (1) and navigate to where your property file was saved in the previous step (e.g. Desktop). Select the property file and then click open and then click Upload File  (2) . See the screenshot below.

  • HANDY HINT WHEN UPLOADING FILES:If an error appears saying ‘File Already Exists’ you will need to rename the file so that it has a different file name or simply delete the existing file in your account and upload again. Alternatively try renaming the file by incorporating todays date into the filename  i.e. Property Inspection BOSS Inspections Import-22062015.csv

STEP 3 - Almost there!

  • Before continuing, ensure you have completed all of the previous steps.

  • Open Property Inspection BOSS and ensure you are logged into your Property Inspection BOSS Premium account.

  • Before importing any properties into Property Inspection BOSS make sure you have completed the following steps:
  1. Check the Default Inspector is at the top of your inspectors list via Settings > Property Inspection BOSS Admin > Inspectors. The Property Inspection BOSS app will automatically associate the default Property Manager/Inspector in Property Inspection BOSS against new Properties imported. To change the Default Inspector simply click Edit and then using the the small bars move the desired Inspector to the top position and then click Done to save. The new Default Inspector is now ready !!.
  2. Select your Default Property Profile for Import and check all the Inspection Areas you need are included via Settings > Property Inspection BOSS Admin > Property Profiles. Property Profile is a best fit or average layout for your Properties or Inspections (including custom callouts i.e. Maintenance Required/Suggested Improvements). We suggest that if the Property Profile say has 3 Bedrooms and then for a specific Inspection if there is only 2 bedrooms, it’s quicker to delete the extra bedroom than add a bedroom. 
  3. Configuring Property Profiles can be done in the Property Inspection BOSS app via Settings > Property Inspection BOSS Admin > Property Profiles
  4. Set the correct Inspection Type via Settings > Property Inspection BOSS Admin > Inspection Type. Note the default Inspection Type is Inspection Report. 
  5. Set 'Quick Check Always Ticked' in Settings > Property Inspection BOSS Admin if you require all quick check labels to be automatically ticked 'on'.
  • Click the Imports tab area and turn your iPad device so it is in landscape or horizontal mode.

  • Tap Import Files in the top left and click the Refresh button () at the bottom and click Ok to starting downloading the files.

  • Once the files are processed tap on Import Files again and tap on your most recent property file.  Use the toggles to select New Properties or Existing Properties With Updated Info and then select only those properties that need to be imported. 
    • New Properties are those properties that have not previously been imported into Property Inspection BOSS.
    • Existing Properties With Updated Info are those previously imported properties that contain updated information from REST and contain a newer Inspection Date. When importing updated properties, Property Inspection BOSS will automatically perform a 'Repeat Inspection' on these selected properties and a new Inspection will be created with updated Inspection Dates and include related updated tenancy data.. The previous Inspection Area layout is preserved and any history notes are associated with that Inspection. We never update existing Inspections for safety and auditing reasons and to preserve the history of that Inspection in the app. 

    To filter only properties assigned to yourself or the default Inspector toggle Show Only Default Inspector

  • In the top right corner, tap the Action button () and then either select Import Selected or Import All (If the Action button is not visible, try restarting the app). This will begin creating the new inspections (as selected) in Property Inspection BOSS. Wait a few moments and when finished all your properties will now be available in the Inspections tab area.

    Any problems or questions please contact Property Inspection BOSS Support..